Alwars Desired To Attain The Lotus Feet Of The Permual

He is born in Uraiyur ( trichy ) in 8th century. He wrote the book of Amalanatipiran and sang a song of 10 numbers. His special is a aspect of Srivatcat Amsa. He used to go to the shore of Kaveri river with veena. There he used to sing a song for Sriranga Perumal. One day, he forget himself and sang a song for Perumal with Bhakti. At that time, Sarangamuni who is carrying a pot of water came that way and he told to move him. But Thiruppaan Alvar didn't hear that but he used to go to pour this water for Abhishegam. Later, Sarangamuni got angry and he throw a stone to him and a blood came from his head. Then he went for Abhishegam, but from Preumal's head , blood was coming. Muni did not know the reason. In his dream, Perumal came and told to say sorry to Alvar who is a devotee of Perumal. Then Muni gone and carry him on his shoulder to visit Perumal. After seeing Perumal from top to bottom, he sang a song and later he died. Among 108 Tirupati, Tiruppaan Alvar done mangalacacanam in 3 temples along with other Alvars.  

He is born in Tiruvancaikalam in 8th century. He wrote the book of Perumal tirumoli and sang a song of 105 numbers. His special is to born as a King with devotion. By God's grace, Kulasekhara Alvar born to the King of Tidaviradan. After his father, he ruled the Cheran country. The Chola and Pandya Kings came to war but Kulasekhara Alvar won every one and ruled one. To appreciate his bravery, a Pandyan King married his daughter to him. Brave, war and I are the egos present in him. But Perumal entered into his mind and observed him to serve him. Then he felt sad for being this. Later he had more love and devotion with Perumal. Then every day he used to hear Ramayana. Finally, he gave his country to his son to rule and he went to Srirangam, Tirupati, Kancheepuram to see the Perumal. Among 108 Tirupati, he done mangalacacanam in 7 temples along with other Alvars and 1 temple individually.

He is born in Alvar Tirunagari in 9th century. He wrote the book of Periya Tiruvantati, Tiruvirutam, Tiruvacirium and Tiruvaimoli. He sang a song of 1296 numbers. His special is the aspect of Tirumal Marshal's Visvacena Amsa. In Vaishnavam,Alvars refers to Nammalvar only. Tiruvaimoli which is equal to Rig veda, Yajur, Sama and Yedharvana is established by Nammalvar. His other names are Sadagopan, Parangurar, Vaguraparanar. From his birth, he didn't get happy and did'nt cry and didn't drink milk. So his parent got worried. He done mangalacacanam in 37 Divyadesam. Madhurakavi Alvar came to Nammalvar and serve him. Nammalvar used to tell Perumal's qualities and then this was written by Kaviyalvar.Sometimes in his speech, he felt giddyness and at that time, Madhurakaviyalvar only escaped him from the giddyness. Nammalvar is always used to serve the people in his life. Among 108 Tirupati, he done mangalacacanam in 19 temples along with other Alvars and in 16 temples individually.

He is born in Thirukkolur in 9th century. He wrote the book of Nanmugan Tiruvantati and sang a song of 96 numbers. He praised another Alvar (ie) Nammalvar. This is the special of him. He is a sweet poeter and so he used to be call as Madhurakavi Alvar. Once he went to Ayodhya to see Rama and stayed there for a long time. After he went to his birth place, Tirukkolur. When he used to worship Perumal, he saw a light in the sky. Then he went to south side and later he touched Tirunagari and there he didn't saw the light. So he asked the people that the speciality of the place. The people tell him about the Nammalvar. Madhurakavi Alvar is the disciple of Nammalvar . He spread the goodness of Nammalvar to the world. Among 108 Tirupati, he done mangalacacanam in 1 temple along with other Alvars.


Thirumangai Alvar

He is born in Tirukuraiyalur which is nearby to Nagapattinam in 8th century. He wrote the book of Periya Thirumoli, Tirukkurudhandagam, Periya Tirumadal and Small Tirumadal and sang a song of 1253 numbers.His parents named him as Neelan. One King pleased with his bravery and so he put him as his Marshal and later, he used to put him as King of Tiruvali. He is very eager to marry Kumudhavalli Nachiyar. She is a devotee of Vishnu and so if you want to marry me means that you should put food for 1008 Vainavas daily. Then he started to do this and his funding level getting down. Later he became prisoner and stayed in temple for 3 days. Perumal came to his dream If U serve me means I'm solving your financial problem. Then he saw a great treasure by Perumal. Then his problem is solved. Among 108 Tirupati, he done mangalacacanam in 36 temples along with other Alvars and in 46 temples individually . It is noted that totally he done mangalacacanam in 82 temples but he didn't do mangalacacanam in his birth place of Tirukuraiyalur.


Thondaradipodi Alvar

He is born in Tirumantankuti which is near to Thajavur in 8th century. He wrote the book of Tirumalai, Tiruppalli rise and sang a song of 55 numbers. His other name is Vippira Narayanar. His special aspect is Vanamalai Amsa. Veda Visaradar is a Thirumal devotee present in Tirumantankuti. He is always pronouncing Thirumal's tirunamam and make flower garland to Thirumal. By God's grace, son was born to him. They named him a Vippira Narayanar. he learned all the arts. His thinking is always about Arangan. So he lived a bachelor life. One day he used to go to Srirangam to see Thirumal temple. There he know his pride. He is very happy so he needs nothing enough with Perumal. To serve the Perumal of Srirangam, he make a garden and pluck the flower and make garland and put it to Thirumal. Then he go to other houses to eat food and drink. There is no difference between a male and female. He used to get along with every one equally. Among 108 Tirupati, He done mangalacacanam in 2 temples along with other Alvars.



She is born in Srivilliputur in 9th century. Her father name is Periyalvar. She is adopted by Periyalvar. She wrote the book of Tirupavai, Nacchiyar Tiruvaimoli and sang a song of 173 numbers. She is very blessed to become a wife of Thirumal. Her special name is Karumbar Kuzhal Kothai. She is an incarnation of Mahalakshmi. Periyalvar came to Srivilliputur Nandavan and adopted her. The duty of Alvar is to pluck the flowers present it as garland to Rengamannar. Andal initially wear this garland before providing to perumal because of her love with him. Then she will sent it to Perumal. One day, the temple priest identify the long hair present in the garland so he thrown the garland out and told to Alvar to provide another one. The next day Andal wear the garland and gave it to Perumal. This was seen by Alvar. Alvar told her don't do hereafter. That evening, Perumal went to Alvar's dream and told Andal weared garland only he needs and not other one.



He is born in Srivilliputur in 9th century. He wrote the book of Periyalvar Tirumoli and he sang a song of 473 numbers. His special aspect is Karudan Vamsa. His nick name is Vishnu Sitthar. Among 108 Tirupati, Periyalvar done Mangalacacanam in 2 temples individually and 17 temples along with other Alvars . Srivilliputur Perumal came to Periyalvar's dream and told to go to Madurai to get Porkili. Periyalvar asked him Is it possible for me. Perumal replied that I am responsible for that. Then he went to Madurai and sang the vedas about the head of Srimannarayanan and got the porkili. So every one praised him and put him on elephant to get a ride and he enjoyed him. To see this, perumal with piratti sit on the Karudan in the Sky and showed this scene to Alvar.


Alvar -Saint Of Vishnu

Thirumal is the supreme God of Vaishnava religion. The Saint of Thirumal is said to be Alvar. It is equal to the Nayanmars who is the Saint of Saiva religion. The meaning of "AL" is drowning. The meaning of Alwar is a person who deeply involved in the thoughts of Thirumal without involved in the pleasures of world. They used to say Thirumal as by eating food, drinking water, etc. The saiva followers are 63 and then the vaishnava followers are 12 Alvars.

The 12 Alvars names are ,
1. Poigai Alvar
2. Bhootha thalvar
3. Peyalvar
4. Thirumalisai Alvar
5. Periyalvar
6. Andal
7. Thondaradippodi Alvar
8. Thirumangai Alvar
9. Thiruppaan Alvar
10. Kulasekhara Alvar
11. Nammalvar
12. Madhurakavi Alvar

POIGAI ALVAR (lived in Kancheepuram district in the 7th century)
He is the author of Mudhal Andhadi and he sang a song of 100 numbers. His special is the aspect of Thirumal conch. People used to call him as Poet and Header.He is born in Thiruvekka poigai, so he used to be called as Poigai Alvar . He used to learn every thing by the grace of Thirumal. So he is fully involved in the charity of Thirumal. He is the first person in the world who shows Nalayira Divya Prabhandam. He is always having the thoughts of Thirumal in the mind in his life. So he ignore himself and sing a song of Thirumal with pleasures. Hari and the Shiva are the same. The worshippers of Hari do not hate Shiva and the worshippers of Shiva do not blame Hari. He is always used to say these words to the people. Along with this, he worshipped Hari and he used to put his service to Hari till his life end. He implies that the nature of the soul is to reach God and mixing together. So missing of god is the reason for sorrowness. once, he went to ThirukovilurMirugandu Muni Ashram and there Bhoothathalvar and Peyalvar are arrived .Thirumal showed himself with conch and chakra.

BHOOTHATH ALVAR (Birth Place is Mahabalipuram in the 7th century)
He wrote the book of second Thiruvantati and sang a song of 100 numbers. His special is the aspect of Thirumal Katayuda Amsa. He did not like the world life and so he had a deep devotion to god Thirumal. He is the second Alvar among the first three Alvars. He met Poigai Alvar and Peyalvar in the Thirukovilur temple and got happiness. He went to more places for spreading the Perumal's fame. He didn't done Mangalacacanam in 108 Tirupati. He done Mangalacacanam in 14 temples along with other Alvars. He done Mangalacacanam in 13 Divyadesam individually.

PEYALVAR (He is born in Mylapore in 7th century)
He wrote the book of Third Tiruvantati and he sang a song of 100 numbers. His special is the aspect of Thirumal's Katkam sword Amsa. He is born in Sevvarali flower which is blossomed miracally in Aadhikesava perumal temple in chennai. He is excelled in school education from his childhood. His mind is always seek Thirumal. He is always done many charity to Thirumal . We have to give respect and head bow to Thirumal 's legs and then automatically our reactions gone out. Later it never come back,
Akananru, Edhu Thithu Endru Iyapadathey
Madhu Nandru Than Thuzhai Marvan - Podhu Nindra
Ponnam Kazhale Thozhumin ! Muzhu Vinaigal
Munnam Kazhalum Mudinthu.
He insists this in this song. He done Mangalacacanam in 15 Divyadesam. He went to many nations for spreading Thirumal's fame. He went to Thiruvenkadam and saw the scene of combination of Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Among 108 Tirupati,Peyalvar done Mangalacacanam in 1 temple individually and in 11 temples along with other Alvars.

THIRUMALISAI ALVAR (He is born in Thirumalisai near Kancheepuram in 7th century)
He wrote the book of Nanmukan Tiruvantati and Thiruchata virutam. He sang a song of 216 numbers. His special aspect is Sakarathalvar Amsa. His father name is Maharishi, But he was adopted by Thiruvalan. But Alvar didn't drink milk from his childhood. So one agriculturist brought some boiled milk to him along with his wife. Alvar drink it every day. One day, he drink half a milk and gave the remaining milk to them to drink. Agriculturist and his wife drink the remaining milk and after this, they become so young. He named his new born baby as Kannikannan because of glory of milk. He became the disciple of Thirumalisai. He belongs to saiva samayam. Peyalvar changed Thirumalisai Alvar into Vainava religion. Once he went to Kancheepuram and give charity to perumal in Thiruvengudi Thiruthalam. There he gave young age to grandmother who is cleaning the Ashram for long years. Now she is a charming girl and so she married pallava king because of her beauty. The King desired to get young age so he asked Kalikannan. But he said that Alvar didn't give blessing to every one. So the Pallava King ordered him to hijack from the country. This news spreaded to Thirumalisai Alvar. He told that he is also ready to go along with his disciple. Alvar told Kanchi Varadharaja Perumal to come along with him. Perumal also came with them. Then they went to Kumbakonam. Among 108 tirupati, he done mangalacacanam in 11 temples along with other Alvars and 2 temples individually.