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Sai Baba Devotional
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Baba Bhajans
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When the sun shines bright and the stars spill light,
When Nature and Providence dance in delight;
When happiness is a reality not merely a dream
I see Baba's blessing a never-ending stream!

When spirits are low and the soul cries in sadness
Helplessly tossed in the ocean of ignorance
When I yearn for Baba in humble surrender I feel a firm hand that lifts me from under!

As a child I asked for little much,
Simple pleasures and bubbles to touch.
You gave me more than what I did ask
You made my life a carefree task!
School was fun but sometimes sad
When tests and exams were just too bad
Frightened and lost I turned to you
You gave me strength, like a friend would do!

In adolescence, the difficult years,
When life was tedious, often with tears,
When reason was lost and moods ruled the roost,
You were there by her side as the Lord and the Mother, With your arms full of love and your heart so tender